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3D graphics studio specializing in architecture.

3D graphics studio specializing in architecture.

The agency

ANOUKIS STUDIO is a digital studio specialized in 3D computer graphics and 3D animations for Architecture and Real Estate.

Filiale du Groupe SYNTHES’3D, notre agence 3D développe aussi des applications interactives pour smartphones et tablettes.

Who are we ?

We are a team of passionate and creative people specialized in 3D imaging and 3D animation for Architecture and Real Estate.

More than a provider, we are a real partner! You can ask us everything you want; we advise and guide you through the different steps of your architectural or real estate projects.

The ANOUKIS STUDIO team will also assert its know-how to emphasize all your photo-realistic and architecture projects in 3D.

What do we do ?

ANOUKIS STUDIO creates 3D computer graphics, 3D animations and interactive virtual models.

The heart of our business is 3D, for all the actors of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction.
br/>We help you to visualize your products in their natural environment and your architectural and real estate projects thanks to detailed and quality pictures: plan of house in 3D, plan of buildings in 3D, your product in 3D (gates, doors, handles, etc.)

Your interest

“Larger than life” images: we realize 3D realistic pictures of your products in their environment. The created 3D views can easily replace your pictures for the creation of catalogs and product sheets.

Original and dynamic presentations: We can also give life to your projects by realizing 3D movies presenting your creations.

A total immersion in your future construction: With real time 3D, your customers can directly be immersed and imagine themselves in their future house as well as visualize their development plan.

They trust us...

Le Val de Loire Groupe Podeliha
Saint-Gobain Angers


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